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SinusFinnicus is a partnership of programme makers and new media specialists, dedicated to producing great content.

SinusFinnicus's strong business relationships, and commitment to talent, teamworking, and new ways of operating, enable us to deliver content of the highest quality.

SinusFinnicus Team produces sea maps of various type. Our fresh approach to infomap making enables us to create products that surprise and engage.

In addition to our work, we deliver the map making skills to public bodies, corporations, publishers, and museums - and continually look for new models of funding and distribution for this content.

As well as creating content, we advise travellers on the best ways of destinating the interesting place, booking in hotels near it, making choice on where to eat and so on.

Our own YouTube channel, which features a selection of content we have produced for our clients, has been viewed by people of many countries.

SinusFinnicus has created its own WebMaps to deliver an interactive maping experience to all our users.

To cooperate with us e-mail to:

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